dari riak wajah,ada pancaran dakwah dalam tutur bicara,ada gema tarbiah dalam gerak langkah, ada semangat mujahidah kita lupakan wajah layu kita tinggalkan bicara pilu kita kuburkan langkah yang lesu bangkitkan perjuangan tatkala yang haq mendabik megah dan kebatilan akur menyembah.ALLAH tahu , kita pernah menyeka peluh dan air mata demi Islam tercinta

Monday, January 24, 2011

all ab0ut the firSt timE...

everything we do,it must have a first step in the first time...huhu. since 2 years ago,after create this blog,I've do nothing...no study and no regular activities.I'm just wasting a time with my lappy... ^^, but,a few week ago,suddenly i feel like to make something different that i never thought before...huhu.

haha...this is my 'kek batik'.even it's look messy,but i think someone should try,and try to give point to me.hehe=P and this is my 2nd thing that I've done!huhu...actually my 'nawaitu' is to make this special 'cross stitch' as a present to someone who i really care.i took maybe a month or couple of month to finished it.its really testing my patient.(betul ke tak ayat ni tah)hehe.

but when it finished,i fell that i can proud with myself! ^^, below is my 3rd choice to be list as my new hobby.hehe.sewing beads!

i hope,with all of this,I'll not remember anything about what had happening to myself. last year,or last week,even yesterday,I'll try to be independent!

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